XueMary to help China beauty makeup annual ceremony

Time:2018-12-28 Cate:Company News from:admin
From March 7 to 8, 2017, the 11th annual beauty award and wechat business conference of China was grandly held in Guangzhou baiyun international conference center.As the annual grand gathering of Chinese beauty makeup industry, the event attracted many industry giants and enterprises: wu xiaobo fengyun, guo fansheng, fang dui equity incentive, yima shi dongheng puzzle franchise......The site of the giant gathered, bright stars, xiangxiang quality of the first year.
Guangzhou S.Belle cosmetics co., ltd. as a fine farming beauty cosmetics tool industry enterprises for more than ten years, was invited to participate in the event.On the night of March 8th, as an important part of this grand gathering, deep blue fashion night has attracted much attention.Xuebeier company provides professional beauty makeup tools together with deep blue color makeup brand to create professional makeup modeling to create fashion charm.
What is worth mentioning in particular is that the macro eyebrow shaving knife exclusively produced by S.Belle  company is highly praised by professional makeup artists: the blade is sharp, comfortable to use, does not redness and pain, and the macro protection does not hurt the skin...S.Belle micro eyebrow trimmer knife, the original imported from Japan micro blade, precision tooth spacing to the skin super protection, sharp smooth, after the use of no peeling and no red, since entering the market has been widely praised by consumers, has become a well-deserved hot style goods.
The year 2017 is the promotion year of S.Belle beauty company. On the basis of quality and innovation, the three brands of fenling, keqi and XueMary will shape the first year of quality with more than ten years' professional strength in beauty makeup tools.Help beauty makeup industry development, S.Belle  and you move forward together.Come on!!