XueMary ranked among the top 5 “beauty makeup tools hot bra”

Time:2018-12-29 Cate:Company News from:admin
Recently, the 2016 hot 100 stores brand selection activity launched by China beauty makeup network was held like A raging fire. All the stores that participated in the selection were local A and B stores, more than 3 chain stores and some large stores with an operating area of more than 150 square meters.After several rounds of fierce voting and competition, the "XueMary" brand ranked among the top 5 hot brands of beauty makeup tools in 100 stores and ranked the third in the results released recently.
"XueMary" is the main brand of Guangzhou S.Belle cosmetics co., LTD., the company is committed to the beauty cosmetics tool industry for more than 20 years, is a collection of product research and development, production, sales as one of the integrated enterprise.Since entering the market, "XueMary" brand has been recognized by the market and consumers with excellent quality and innovation ability, and has established a good brand image in the industry.
In the New Year, "XueMary" brand will continue to serve the national market with high-quality products and promote the steady development of the brand with the purpose of innovation and excellence."Beautiful good makeup", professional fashion beauty makeup tool "XueMary" carefully dress up your beauty!In 2017, "XueMary" and you create a win-win situation!