2018 cosmetics industry research report

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Now not only girls skin care, boys to skin care, young to skin care, old to skin care, we have to skin care every day, how is our society skin care?Take a look at the big data of cosmetics industry in 2018 to understand the current trend of skin care industry.
* overview of the industry
in 2017, the overall flow of cosmetics industry is stable, men's cosmetics has declined slightly, and potential consumers are rapidly shifting to mobile terminals;Tool category growth is the fastest, cleansing instrument and beauty instrument market hot;The biggest drop in attention to fragrance;
Under the background of consumption upgrading, consumers' consumption power is enhanced and high-end brands are continuously popular.Celebrity endorsement, live recommendation and film and television variety show implantation have effectively promoted cosmetics consumption.In 2017, the traffic of cosmetics industry increased by 0.6% month-on-month, basically flat compared with that in 2016.After two years of rapid growth, attention on men's cosmetics has declined for the first time in 2017.
Potential consumers move quickly to mobile
Since 2017, mobile traffic of cosmetics industry has been growing rapidly. In March 2018, mobile traffic increased by 87.7% year on year, accounting for nearly 30.0%.Purchasing power and efficiency requirements are increasing day by day
Product, brand and word of mouth evaluation have always been the content that users pay more attention to cosmetics, the sum of traffic comparison is more than 60%;
In the context of consumption upgrading, the price sensitivity of users has been continuously weakened in the past two years, while the attention to efficacy has been significantly improved.
* category analysis
Skin care products, facial essence and eye film attention continued to grow, acne and sunscreen demand is strong;Cleanser, beauty instrument market is hot, the focus is on the second - and third-tier cities;
In recent years, there is a strong market demand for beauty and facial cleansers, and the producpstick.
Cleanser, beauty instrument market is hot, the focus is on the second - and third-tier cities;
In recent years, there is a strong market demand for beauty and facial cleansers, and the products represented by the international brands belulu, refa, Luna and other first-tier brands have occupied the Chinese consumer market.
Color makeup category: lip makeup continues to heat up, and "concept color" is popular, among which lipstickpstick grows the fastest;BB cream and CC cream gradually cool down.
Facial essence and eye mask are in great demand
In skincare products, facial and eye care products always pay the highest attention, among which mask, face cream and eye cream are ranked among the top three subcategories.Although facial essence and eye film grow relatively small, but flow rate increases continuously nearly 3 years.
Freckle attention is high
Strong demand for acne protection
Among facial skincare products, chunyu has the fastest rise. There are numerous facial skincare brands with scattered attention. Chunyu, a Korean brand, ranks first with an obvious advantage of 11.4%, surpassing lancome for the first time.
Among eye care products, A.H.C and estee lauder rank first and second, with little difference in attention.
* men's cosmetics
After two consecutive years of growth, attention on men's cosmetics declined for the first time in 2017.In the subdivided categories, only skin care products and body care are basically flat;
Men are more aware of sun protection, and pay less attention to "acne, acne marks, pore shrinkage" and other conventional efficacy.
* population analysis
Cosmetics concern users are mainly 19 to 34 years old people with advanced education, prefer social networking, online shopping, and pay attention to information such as real estate and financial management. Users in east and southwest China pay more attention to cosmetics, and fourth-tier cities rely more on mobile terminals to obtain cosmetics information.
Men's cosmetics are still dominated by men's "self-use", with strong.
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