The refreshing secret of oily skin

Time:2018-12-30 Cate:Beauty Skin Care from:admin
 As the  temperature is becoming higher. Lots of” oil fields” is popping up on the face which is hateful and helpless while taking a look in the mirror ,even before noon. In order to solve this annoyance, needing a long-term and permanent cure is very important ,but a quick and present solution is also indispensable on the moment. Face oil absorption paper will be a good choice and will solve this problem simply and efficiently.
Grease will effect the foundation make-up,but using oil absorption paper can breezily remove the oiliness on the face.
How to select a good oil absorption paper?
(1) With powerful absorption forcing of grease,but not loss moisture.So the waterproof type is the best.
(2) To having a smooth feeling, it requires the paper to be soft, comfortable ,enough tenacity and durable.
(3) You should notice whether the texture is soft or not because to protect skin is the key for keeping and increasing beauty of the skin.
(4) The paper should be as thinner as possible but must be durable.
Finally,according to climate, skin type and the additional function of paper ,you will find which type is best choice.